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LEICA Q for B&W photography

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Feed View by Greg.May, on Flickr


Rotunda Bar by Greg.May, on Flickr

Especially love your first photo of mom breast feeding baby. Very personal, discrete, intimate, emotion evoking. B&W works perfectly. Priceless for you long term. Thanks for sharing.

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I was asked to shoot a grappling competition (takedown and submission holds, no striking/hitting). I knew the lighting was going to be atrocious - which yes it turned out to be, but I exposed properly with lens wide open albeit with ISO at 1600 much of the time. I decided to process in black/white with which I think the grain from high ISO worked out fine. Here are a few of the shots. Rest of them are at this link. https://brick.smugmug.com/Photography/2017-5-27-AVL-grappling-match/


Can I tell you the Q is absolutely my favorite camera of all time. My Sony A7Rii and collection of expensive lenses are sitting on the shelf 





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This was hand held using IS at 1/8 sec, ISO250 and f/1.7. Edited in Silverefex I think. Slightly cropped fro the original colour DNG. The Leica Q is amazing.

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