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Few lenses

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Hello MF

I have few lenses with are siting in my storage locker... I don't know what to day with them.

I have Nikon D7100 and I guess I can't make this lenses to use it in Nikon, or maybe am I wrong ?

My lenses :

- Pentacon electric 2.8 / 135 mm
- Leitz Elmarit-R 2.8 / 135 mm
- Contax Leitz Wetzlar 2 / 35 mm
- Leitz Telyt-R 4 / 250 mm
- Beroflex auto 3x converter


I don't know if the all of them are good... How can I test it ?


Best regards


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Welcome to the forum. There's a lot of research  you can do, but I'll try to make it a little easier for you.Your Leica R lenses can readily be adapted to be used on the Nikon via the Leitax conversions I can't speak to the other lenses thoughs. If you contact Doug Herr at Wildlightphoto, he may grant you access to his database of Leica R lenses which will give you lots of info on your lenses after you determine which version you have, as well as some shots taken with the lenses. Unless you have a camera body which the lenses attach to, there is no way to really test them. These days many people are using relatively inexpensive micro 4/3 digital bodies which take a variety of adapters to use many manufacturers' older lenses - I've used mine to routinely evaluate over 70 lenses from different manufacturers.

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