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Elmar orientation on ia


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The stop pin/screw fell out and was lost. I ordered a replacement from nobby sparrow in Japan that I hope matches ok. This is a 4 digit with no upgrades obvious.


The issue is how to start screwing the mount into the body to get the tab positioned at the hockey stick for infinity - mount screwed in fully.


I've tried different start positions for screwing in the mount but can't seem to get it started correctly so that the infinity position is right.


Can someone here tell me what clock position the tab is at when starting to screw in the mount?


Thanks m

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On second thoughts maybe it is the distance indentation (marker) on the lens that should be aligned with that position. Try both and see what happens. I have 5 or 6 1 Model As, but it is some time since I have had the lenses off. Once you master it there will not be an issue. Apologies for my slightly faulty memory.



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After a few tries I managed to get the lens back on correctly. Then added the stop screw from Japan. But then I noticed that the shutter was dragging at a few speeds. Should have checked it more carefully with the lens off. May have to send it for cleaning.

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