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Video-crop in 4k video


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When recording HD on the SL, the image size seems pretty much unaltered, but when recording 4K, there is a clear 'magnification' of the image visible. Is it correct that this is actually a crop identical to APS-C format? If so, does that mean that T-lenses can be used for 4K video without any field of view 'cost'?


And related to this, if one would record HD-video on the SL with T-lenses, what would then be the field of view. Still APS-C crop, or would an additional crop result to make the HD-format fit?


Any insights would be great

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The SL uses a cropped section of the sensor for 4K recording. This is due to a few reasons:


  • Each pixel on the sensor is recording one pixel of the final video. No scaling or interpolation leads to better quality with less artifacts. 
  • By sticking to a Super35 frame size, cine lenses (PL mount) can be used, offering endless optical possiblibities
  • The Super35 format is familiar to cinematographers, making the SL easy to add into existing workflows


And yes, TL lenses can be used. 


If you'd like to see what the camera can do in 4K, check out some of my more recent videoes at www.youtube.com/RedDotForum.

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