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How to remove Aeroclipse Sensor Streak

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You just bumped into one of  the disadvantages of wet cleaning. If I were you I would turn the camera in for a professional cleaning.


In the future try to avoid changing lenses in windy or dusty environments. When changing lenses, turn the camera upside down immediately after removing the lens (most dust is heavier than air and will travel down)

Then put on a lens or body cap asap.

Never hold it against the wind when open, not even for a second.


Never hold the camera on its back while swapping lenses or cleaning/inspecting the sensor if you can avoid it. 

To clean it, I just hold it upside down and blow with a rocket blower to remove dust. This will not work for cleaning streaks and oil spots but its good enough in most cases.


This should keep your sensor clean for years.


just my 2 cents...


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Smears are caused by using too little fluid with the swabs too dry and not the correct width to cover the full height of the sensor. 


On the last pass you want a full sweep to the sensor edge and stop .... leaving a thin even film all over so it dries evenly with no marks. 


nb ...... the streaks are only cosmetic anyway .... they shouldn't show up on final images unless they are dense sand-dunes of crud .... 

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The aeroeclipse contains no alcohol. It has been developed specifically for air shipping. The streaks are caused either by the solution itself, or by some shutter oil drops that the solution isn't able to dissolve. The good old eclipse should remove the streaks easily.

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I would never wet clean unless oil or similar present - so far never


Gel stick, other sensor cleaning tools to dislodge rare stubborn bits...


And yes, compressed photo air from a safe distance after a few test blasts aimed elsewhere 1st to clear the nozzle & pipette


Small bright LED flashlight from different angles will reveal dust


The sensor's outer surface is glass, not easy to scratch

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