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Should I buy a Q?

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Why do people go on so much about the Q's 28mm and that that a 35mm Q would be so much better? The Q allows you to crop in to 35mm and yes, I know that that wastes some of the Mp but why does that matter so much? After all how many of us have out photos displayed on a loop on a 50"screen?


I think people often forget that the Q is aimed mainly at people who just want one good camera that they can take everywhere and take decent pictures with without having to lug around bags filled with 100 lenses. Rangefinder may be a different and unique experience but it aint for everyone. And some people would rather have a camera with AF than experience the uniqueness of RF.


Instead of begging Leica for a Q with different lens we should be asking them to perfect the existing one. Make it weather proof, use a 36Mp sensor and a few other twiches and the Q would be perfect.

I agree absolutely! Everything is complicated by too many 'ifs' and 'if onlys'. Keep it simple and lets concentrate of taking good pics.

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