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A pilgrimage walk shot with the Q (and Monochrom)

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Hi All —


You might remember me from my extensive Q field test back in February — http://craigmod.com/sputnik/leica_q/


Well, the Q and a Monochrom (246) came on an eight day hike with photographer Dan Rubin (http://instagram.com/danrubin) and me, and we came back with a new book of photographs called KOYA BOUND.


The Kickstarter for it just launched today: 




There's probably something tremendously gauche about starting a topic about a Kickstarter project, but I figured this would be a great place for Dan and I to do some Q&A if you had any Qs requiring As. 


Dan shot with the Q, and I shot with the Monochrom. 


We walked for eight days. We got rained on quite a bit. We sweat all over the things. Banged them into stuff. Both cameras were troopers. 


Dan was shooting on the Q at (obviously) 28mm, and I was shooting at 50mm with a Summilux on the 246. 


We took about 3,000 photos in total over the eight days. And we both carried a spare battery although I don't think either of us needed it (the 246 could have almost gone the whole walk on a single charge). 


I've attached a couple of shots, but the uploader doesn't allow for much. You can see more here: 



It was a great walk, and we had a whole lot of fun shooting and thinking about this book for the last six months. If you have any questions, send them over. 



Craig (& Dan)


(For those curious, I OK'd this with the forum administrator Andreas before starting this thread.)


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