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    • By Alberti
      I recently bought an Orion-18 28mm F5.6 lens and coded it as Summaron. The lens has the same structure. [I like it for its compactness and low 'profile'.] I use it on my M240 but bought it for Monochrom.
      However, I notice some small tinge of purple on the top of this image in the sky.  Should I use an IR/UV filter on this lens like on the M8? The Orion accepts 40.5 mm filters. 
      This reminds me of the M8. I remember JaapV once said the M240 has some IR issues. And would [sometimes] need a light IR filter. I tried the M8 filters by Leica on the M240 but did not like the result. Probably way too strong.
      The following filters in 40.5 mm are available: 
      370-670nm  400-700nm  Which of the above is do you think appropriate?

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    • By erniethemilk
      I'm not a heavy user of Lightroom CC, I tend to use it simply for easy processing of the odd photo on my phone or iPad.
      I've noticed the Monochrome profile for my M10-P is missing. I have the colour profile, not the monochrome option.
      Works perfectly on Lightroom Classic on my desktop, just missing on LR CC.
      Anyone any clues as to why and how I put it right.
    • By Aivar
      Leica Summilux M 75 for sale.
      bought in 2014 and not used.
      made last edition in Canada.
      lens in good condition.
      all original:
      lens Leica Summilux M 75mm f1.4 non 6 bit filter Leica E60 UV/IR 13414 front lens cup rear lens cup leather case  
      über lens, favorite of creator dr. Mandler.
      perfect for portraits and landscape.
      visual scratch on the lens hood not feeling on touch.
      for M or mirrorless users.
      welcome questions!
    • By GerardT
      When shooting with my Leica SL, I often set my crop ratio to square for composition. I the past when I imported my DNG files into Photoshop CC I was able to work with the entire 6000 x 4000 file. And was under the impression that only the JPG was cropped to 1:1.
      Yesterday while importing some DNG files into Camera Raw CC Version 10.2 the 1:1 cropping was applied to the DNG even though my file shows 6000 x 4000 px.
      Has anyone got any advise on how to retrieve my full DNG file dimensions?
      I have found some Adobe plugin for Lightroom CC online to retrieve the crop edges, but do not use Lightroom and prefer Camera Raw for processing my images.
      Any help will be appreciated. 
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