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I have D-Lux 6 which I still carry for work because it is smaller than my 109 and has a pop-up flash. The problem I am having is that when I take interior shots, the flash turns the images into very warm tones. This does not happen if I shoot without the flash. What am I doing wrong. 


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.. when I take interior shots, the flash turns the images into very warm tones. This does not happen if I shoot without the flash. What am I doing wrong. 


It would try shooting without flash. Put the camera on A (aperture) mode and choose F1.4

Then make sure your shutter time does not drop below 1/30 (or 1/15 for non moving subjects and with a steady hand)

This can either be done by Auto Iso, or crancking up the ISO setting.


If this does not work for you, revert to shooting with flash enabled. Try using RAW and in post process, you could set the white balance by using the eyedropper on a white or neutral grey area in the picture.

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Hello Roger,


Just change the Whitebalance of the camera to the Kelvin option and choose for example a more daylight setting like 5200 if there are windows and daylight. This is a nice option too experiment with color and flash. If the colours are not accurate with the flash, change Kelvin untill they do.


good luck,



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