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Summilux 35 FLE 11663 w/ Fuji x100 hood?

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This might have already been covered somewhere.....but here it is:


Since getting the Summilux 35 ASPH FLE (11663), I have been troubled by the inconvenience of switching between shooting with and without the lens hood. 


 In fact I like the lens without the hood, which is shorter. But in very sunny days I really also want to have the lens hood attached.


 I'm not one of those gutty ppl who can do without a protective filter. hence the problem: Whenever I remove the lens hood, I feel I should attach the thread protector, which can only be done by removing the filter first, as the thread protector has a lip that prevents it from being screwed into place if the filter is attached already. 




The other day I chanced upon a strange solution, as I looked at my fuji x100 and wondered if its lens hood adapter will actually fit the 11663's exposed outer thread. 


Well, it does fit. so I have been using it since, as it can be screwed into place with the filter attached to the lens.

Sometimes I just use the x100's hood instead, which can be attached and removed easily.





You can also flip it and attach it the other way around, which to me looks a bit better:



Granted it doesn't look as nice as the Leica thread protector that comes with the lens, but it is indeed more convenient.


Oh and...slightly increased finder blockage with the x100's hood, but the difference seems quite negligible. 





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