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    • By Jose_Salcedo
      The optical and mechanical elements of the lens are in excellent condition, with clear glass and perfectly smooth focusing. The retractable sunshade has some minor damage but that does not interfere with the optical or mechanical operation of the lens, that work superbly.
      The sale also includes an original Leica R-M Adapter ROM, #14642, in new condition, as well as a 60mm Leica Uva filter to use with the lens.
      This lens has an exceptional optical resolution and color rendition.
    • By Ciamprob
      Leica SL typ 601 - Vario Elmarit Sl 1:2,8-4/24-90 ASPH
    • By gwpics
      From todays walkabout in the centre of Southampton.
      Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit-M f2.5

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