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    • By Scottjon
      I am looking for a Nikon F/G mount adaptor to L mount.  There are a lot of $20-30. Models and $125 up models on the market, but very few reviews 
      I left Nikon for Leica because the newer lenses seem to be not as sharp as they were years ago.  However, i do have some amazing lenses from a few years ago that i kept when i sold not D5’s.
      Does anyone have any recommendations for a really good quality adaptor ? 
    • By gwpics
      Whilst sat at the traffic lights today I noticed this guy and managed to shoot it very quickly through the closed window of my car. First time I have tried this.
      Leica M240 + 35mm Summarit f2.5 and 320 iso.

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    • By erniethemilk
      Back in October when I bought my M10-P I also picked up a Voigtlander 50mm f1.2 but the call of the Summicron is loud and I quite fancy picking up a 50mm f2. 
      I like the Voigtlander albeit I think it’s a bit bigger than ideal and weighty too. 
      Wondering if a Summicron (v4 or v5) is really that ‘much better’ than the Voigtlander and if I’ll save save weight/size if I swapped over to one. 
      Thoughts anyone? 
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