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50 APO focus ring roughness


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  I purchased this lens new last year. I have been using it without problems for the last months. Since the beginning the focusing ring was a bit stiff, but nothing to worry about, I thought. Few days ago I noticed that the focusing ring became stiffer and sometimes it felt like grazing, scratching inside, like grinding metal to metal, definitely not normal. I moved the focusing ring several times from minimal focusing distance to infinity  and the lens went back to normal. After using the lens without problems for 3 o 4 days the same problem became noticeable again. Then I moved the focusing ring from minimal focusing distance to infinity several times and the lens was back to normal again.Since then This focusing ring roughness is intermittent and appears with different intensity.

  The lens is under warranty.

  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Neuer,


Just curious as to what you did with you lens?  Did you ended up sending to back to Leica for repairs and what was the outcome?


I recently purchased a brand new Leica 50 f2 APO and after 2 month developed the same issue.  I ended up sending this back to Leica and it's been 3 months without an update to the cause.

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My example has the opposite problem - the aperture ring is too loose and is easily bumped to another setting than intended.

Crazy that such a premium product has such patchy quality control...

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