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Palace and Monastery Corvey - World Heritage - 5 pictures

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The place is near the river Weser next to the city of Höxter. Monastery Corvey and palace


Since last year the list of our World Culture Heritage has one item more. This unique unit of palace and monastery at the river Weser represents the power of a rich culture.

There is a palace once being the centre of a ruling family that was and still is directly bound and obliged to welfare of the region. There is the monastery on the other hand, a place from where christiansation started and found its strong counterpart in well organized people from the region. The church is an impressive building from the 9th century . The facade is massive simple gothic style and bears like a shell the relicts of the original parts from the 9th century. Tee interior itself is baroque and so this whole mixture makes the strong impact and bears a long history.


Leica Q


Pilgrimage to the new place on the list of the World culture Heritage











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       Hello Iduna.


You photographed this site very well indeed.I always have been attracted to these wonderfull architectural  buildings.Be hard to do this design now.

Greetings: John Basso.


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many thanks!



that's good that it is interesting for you, thank you!



Thank you! Mentioning the architecture one can say that it is a complex where every century took its own influence. It is indded a difficult site because you cannot get a full view in one frame.



yes, yes, when I took the shot I thought the same, just as if from those children books where there is also a symmetry in the chaos. Thank you so much.

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