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Tell me your camera history, from FNG* to present day

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I've been into photography from August 2008: relatively speaking, I am an FNG* (just look it up!)

I would be interested to know peoples' history of camera models and what they were used for.

Here's mine: Nikon D40 - perfect newbie camera with both auto and manual functioning, and in-camera editing.

                     Nikon P100 - megazoom and nothing else to recommend it.

                     Canon PowerShot SX110 IS - decent point and shoot.

                     Canon PowerShot SX30 IS - huge zoom, lots of bells and whistles.

                     Nikon Coolpix S9100 - point and shoot, pocket size, decent zoom.

                     Minolta Dynax 5 - my first 35mm camera, very steep learning curve.

                     Zenit ET - manual 35mm SLR, starting to learning old analogue skills.

                     Casio EX-H15 - although low end by current standards, Casio seemed to produce some decent models at the time.

                     Minolta Dynax 7 - an upgrade on the Dynax 5.

                     Sony A500 - excellent dSLR with advanced features, compatible with Minolta lenses.

                     Canon G9 - advanced compact, small sensor, yet surprising image quality.

                     Fuji HS10 - excellent bridge camera which had a habit of freezing!

                     Leica V-LUX - one of the best bridge cameras, thank God for LeicaSonic!

                     Fuji X-E1 - much heralded compact system camera, used it for a while, but it's not that good once you start putting it                            through it's paces.

                     Minolta Dynax 9 - incredibly advanced 35mm SLR, a joy to use. 

                     Sony A900 - a great dSLR, stunning film-like images.

                     Leica M6 - a classic, end of story.

                     Leica M9 - great model, had to send back as I couldn't get to grips with it!

                     Voigtlander Bessa R2 - aside from build quality (still better than most), just as good as any Leica 35mm RF.

                     Leica M4 - the beginning of my darkroom obsession!

                     Pentax 645n - a great introduction to medium format, still holding its well-deserved value.

                     Hasselblad 500c - another all-time classic, ideal way to learn all the core skills.

                     Nikon F - the original and, some would say, still the best!

                       Over the years, all the cameras have been exchanged, sold used, or put on commission sale at varios dealers. I have                        learned how to spot a bargain, then sell it for a decent price or do a good trade-in.


                      .....and my current line-up

                     Leica X2 - stunning images, KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid!

                     Leica X-Vario - stunning lens, simple to use (like me!)

                     Nikon F2 - back to using 35mm after a break!

                       For the record, I have certain problems of a psychiatric nature, including obsessive tendencies, as you can see!


Thank you and have a nice day!

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I started at the age of about 14 with the Olympus OM-System, learned with the fully mechanical OM-1N (inventory now has OM-1N,2n/SP,3,4Ti)

As a young adult I added the Hasselblad system (now I own almost every model from 1600F to 503CW including a 50MP digital back)

Later I added Leica M (first M2, now mostly M240, but M3,4,4-2,4-P,6,7 and a couple of screwmounts are available too)

With the end of the cold war some Praktikas and Praktisix/Pentacon Six stuff arrived.

For some more fun I just added a Nikon F2S and a Rolleicord IVb.

Edited by Ulrik

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Well, I started about 1950 with a Kodak Baby Brownie 127 camera, followed by other Brownies in the 1950s. I also started developing film and contact printing with them.

About 1963 my dad gave me a 35mm Stereo Realist - a well made twin lens 3-D camera with the widest base rangefinder of any 35mm camera. Dad had used one since about 1949, and the Kodachrome slides were amazing. I took mine to college in 1964.

Then I got very interested in photography (instead of studies) and got a Pentax H1a in 1965, with a 135mm, extension tubes, etc, processing and printing in the student darkroom.

Changed to the new Canon FT with TTL meter in about 1967 with 50 f1.4 FL, added a 200mm for sports and a Canon FP 2nd body. Then borrowed a friend's Leica M2, and got hooked.

Bought my M4 and 90 TE in 1968.

Swapped all my Canon gear for a Leicaflex SL, 50 Summicron and 135 TE in 1969 as I left college. Then added 50 and 35 Summicrons for the M4.

Later 1970s added Pentax ME / MX and lenses for carry-around use, and an LX when t came out.

About 1980 picked up a Leica CL for travel use.

Added an M6 body when it came out, and an R4 about 1986.

After I retired, an M9 body about 2010, and got my film Ms CLA'd and started collecting other old film cameras, including Contax, Hasselblad, Pentax 6x7.

Now seriously considering the M-D

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I bought a used M2 in about 1965 (it was about 1 year old), and it has been my main camera ever since.


I added an M3 (which I use ocasionally) in about 1970, and a variety of lenses over the years. I bought a Leaicaflex (first model) in the early '70s and sold it after about 6 months.


Nothing I have even seen exceeds my M2.

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I started with my Mother's Brownie 127 at age 8 in 1975, followed by:

Kodak 126 Instamatic

Konica 35mm point and shoot

Zenit E SLR

Konica FT1 Motor and a Konica Autoreflex TC (I still have the Autoreflex)

Ricoh XRX-3PF and a second Konica Autoreflex.

Fuji Fotonex 100E APS camera to supplement the Ricoh and carry with me all the time. (I still have this camera and just ordered some film for it)

Olympus 1.3 MP digital. This replaced the Fuji APS. It was followed by a variety of small digitals as daily carry cameras.

Nikon D40, I loved this camera but it was stolen in a burglary.

Nikon D3100

Leica d-Lux Typ 109 and two Leica C-Lux 2s.


I'm also currently using a variety of film cameras: Olympus Pen S, Canon G-III QL17 rangefinder, Yashica Electro 35 rangefinder, Mamiya Sekkor SLR, the Autoreflex TC mentioned above and a Leica IIIa.

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From elementary school till today, my 59th birthday:


Kodak Instamatic

Perti FT

Nikkormat EL

Nikon EM

Nikon N90

Hasselblad 501c

Nikon FM2n

Nikon F3T

Nikon FM2T

Nikon F3hp

Hasselblad XPAN

Hasselblad XPAN II*

Hasselblad 503c

Deardorff 5x7

Leica MP

Leica M4-P*

Nikonos V*

Rollei 35 SE*

Leica M240

Leica M-P Safari*


*Still own these

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Thanks, I've really enjoyed reading these replies. I used to own up to 100 different square & circular filters and adapter rings in all different grades, colours, and various colour & grade combinations - ridiculous! I now only use UV clear and polarising filters.

As for lenses, at any one time, my kit bag could have crushed an elephant! 

Happy days - I don't think!




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hmmmmm ..... I am 60 and started in 1961 or 62 with a Brownie Fiesta, followed by


Konica RF with a fixed-mount 50mm lens

Canon TL

Canon F1N

Tiny Panasonic something or other

Leica D-Lux4





Replaced the M4 I sold


Fuji 645W


What I have today -- Canon TL (HS grad present from my dad), DLux4, M-A, M4, Q, Fuji 645W (my dad still has the Konica, I think)


I still have the Brownie sitting on my armoire, I used to shoot Verichrome Pan, pics from that time are still great, maybe I will give it a whirl one day.


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Seriously photographing for over 40 years and having worked in camera stores while in high school and college....I can't begin to put together a list.  My favorite cameras are from the 60's and early 70's, those beautiful mechanical cameras, Nikon F, F2, Canon F1, Minolta SRT-101, Topcon R-E, Leica SL, SL2, Pentax Spotmatic. Of course Leica rangefinder also, the Leica M3, M4, M6.  Currently owned cameras are M9, M240, Leica S, Canon 6D for astrophotography.   A camera that piques my interest is the Alpa medium format however the S is phenomenal and has quelled the Alpa lust.  Other future additions if the opportunity presents itself are:  Rollei SL66, Zeiss Contarex and Hasselblad Lunar.

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Instamatic plus occasional use of my father's Zenit E.

For doing well for my O Levels my father lived upto his promise and bought me a Canon A1 with the 50/1.4 (I did very well).

This was the start of my love affair with photography. And the darkroom.

I bought a Zorki 4K for very little money but sold it again as the rewind knob took all the skin off my finger.

Then came MF and the Yashicamat 124G.

An Olympus AF with zoom lens which got stolen and replaced by an APS camera.


After my daughter came the slippery slope.

A film Leica R9 as all the digital Canons and Nikons did not feel comfortable nor easy to use.

Leica M7, M6, M3, Zeiss Ikon,

Leica R4 x2

Bronica SQA

Mamiya 6x7

Nikon F (which came with a large collection of lenses)

Hasselblad 2003FCW

Hasselblad 503CX

Olympus OM (1-4 multiples of)

Canon A1, T90

Canon EOS 5e, 3, 1X

Nikon FE2, FM2, FA, F3HP, F4, F90, F100,

Contax RX, RTS

Leica Minilux, Oly XA2, Rollei(s), Minox(es), and a dozen film compacts.

Leica M8, M240, SL


The SL will be my last expensive new digital camera. Ever. Until the SL2 or 3. Or maybe the Hasselblad.

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Name a camera and I owned it in the last +/- 40yrs.

From Minox 8x11 (mm) to Linhof 4x5 (inch), from ALPA to Zorki....

From pinhole to selfmade 6x17cm Panorama...


My very first one was a Rollei 35LED in 1974/75, first Leica was a R3 Safari, bought form pupil-holiday jobs and selling a kidney

in 1977.

Actually I enjoy my M9,MM and most of the time my x-Pro1.

Still my cupboards are full of non sensemaking equipment, especially a collection of Rollei 35mm Zeiss, Voigtländer & Schneider lenses (all the elder ones made in Germany!)

Safari R3 (not the one from 1977, sold decades ago and bought minimun four times again) and the 28 & 180 I could only dream of 4 decades ago.

ALPAS from 7 - 11, Nikon Df, some F3 titanium, several M4 to M6, a collection of Rollei 35 compacts and some more.

And the queen of 35 mm for all times: Nikon F2 in most varaints from basic model to F2AS with aperture automatic, several Zeiss ZFs "rabbit ear models" for this...


perhaps, only perhaps I'm in GAS......





did check my ebay sales in the last 10yrs.: sold items for more than 100.000€ - guess where the money went

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Brownie Hawkeye 6 yrs old

Leica M2 w/50mm Summicron 1965 19 years old

Leica M4 (two) 1970 (beginning of staff daily news job)

Nikon F, Nikon F36, Nikkormat 1971 (still on the news job)

Plaubel Veriwide 1974

Brooks Veriwide 1976

Printex 4x5 (three) 1977

Sinar 4x5 1978

Hasselblad (two) 1994

SWC 1995

Leica M4-P 1996

Linhof Super Technika system 1997

Leica M9

Deardorff 8x10 2002

C1 Green Monster 8x10 2003

Century 1 8x10 2003

Leica M2 2015

Leica M2 2016


... and enlargers, Valoy, Focomat IIA, Omega 4x5, Saltzman 8x10

Edited by pico

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Oops. I forgot that a few weeks ago I bought a

Nikon S3 2000 with 50/1.4

Rolleiflex 2.8GX


and today I bought

Leica CL 50 Jahre with 40mm Summicron.

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Westex (took 127 film)

Instamatic 25

Zeiss Nettar 75/4.5 Novar

Mamiya C330 / C330f

Hasselblad 500CM

Contax T

Contax T2

Fuji GS645

Rolleiflex 3.5f

Contax 159

Contax S2

Leica M9

Leica M Typ240

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This list excludes one thing - the cameras we actually make, or put together with our own skills for better or worse.


In my case they are large and medium format which probably excludes them here. True or not?


If okay, I have just finished another. No pictures yet. It is very cool, a modular  super wide 6x10cm which was originally a roll film camera now carrying a  4x5" sheet film back, all alloy. (Not the obverse, a 4x5" with a downsized back to 6x10cm!)


Edited by pico

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As a 7 year old: Baby Brownie in the art deco style


As a teenager: Halina 35mm…dreams of being a photojournalist


At art school:


Zeiss Super Ikonta,

Noris 8mm cine camera,

Minolta Autocord 


In my mid-20s: Contax II…a supremely elegant piece of machinery - wish I hadn't got rid of it


In my early 30s: Pentax S1a - built like a tank


In my mid 30s:

Leica M3*

Leica M2*

Rolleiflex TLR*



Leica Digilux 1*

Bronica ETRS - a lumpen device which I never liked

Leica M7*

Leica R4S mod 2*

Balda Baldix*

Dolly folder* - inherited from my father

Leica D-Lux 4*

Leica IIIa*

Mamiya C220*

Leica M240*


* these I still have

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I started with a Kodak Instamatic when i was in primary school (maybe 10yrs old) i don't know where this camera went, i think i may have left it at an ex girlfriend's house.

in high school (13yrs old) i started using dad's Pentax ME super for an assignment, and continued to enjoy photography with it.

year 12 (17yrs old) i was using dad's pentax, and the school's Pentax K1000 bodies regularly, and i found my passion for photography.

for christmas that year my parents bought me a Canon Eos300 (which i still have) 

i went through a few cheap digital P+S cameras, including a 2mp Ricoh (stolen)  a 4mp Fuji (which i still have) before finally buying an Eos350D (still have, and it still works)

I started shooting motorsport, and eventually upgraded to a Canon 1Dmk2n (failed shutter, still have it) and photographed school formal pictures, and school group photos (with the companies gear, not mine)

fixed cameras for a year, built myself a few P+S from scavenged parts (there was a few camera models we had hundreds of "junk" ones, to use for spares - they had typically been replaced under warranty)

started working at a newspaper, was issued 1Dmk2n bodies, then 1Dmk3, then 1Dmk4, finally 1DX (which i will have to hand back next week as i am being made redundant)

in that time i was given an Olympus OM2, and a 1Dmk1, bought a Fuji X100 (still have it) , bought my wife a 1Dmk4 (sold it off), and finally got my M240.

I was also recently given my Grandfathers box brownie, my mum's old brownie, and my grandmother's P+S 

i really should dig out the whole collection for a photo.




Instamatic - first camera - lost somewhere

Pentax ME Super - Dad's camera - will go into my collection at some point (hopefully not for a long time)

EOS300 - my first SLR - still have it

EOS350D - first Digital SLR - still have it

1Dmk2N - broken shutter - still have mine, handed 2x work issued ones back

1Dmk3 - work issued - handed back 

1Dmk4 - sold my wife's one when she stopped shooting weddings, handed back the work issued ones

X100 - still have and use.

1DX - in my locker at work, will be handed back soon 

M240 - goes everywhere with me.

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