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Bugs in the Garden (bee and a fly)

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spent a little bit of time creeping around my front yard this morning, with my M240, DIY extension tube, 50 Summarit and a ringflash

not an easy setup to use, especially on insects that are barely stopping, but a bit of fun, and some pictures i am very happy with.



This Bee took off just as i clicked the shutter, and managed to fly into focus.

a very lucky shot


this little guy sat on the flower for a while, giving me plenty of time to take a picture


and the rig

M240, extension tube, 50 Summarit (can go roughly 1:2 or half life size) and a Yongnuo yn14 ringflash



Critiques and comments are welcome !

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very nice results!! I like that dreamy touch caused by the big eyes.

Nice that you shared your setup. Interesting to know that the Yongnuo works. I'll check out further for my needs. I have very good experience with Yongnuo on my Canon 5DMKIII.

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Stuart - Thankyou


Euston - I am actually amazed i got anything in focus, it is a little tricky trying to judge focus on the rear LCD, holding it out in full sun....


Iduna - i haven't actually used the yongnuo on my Canon yet - but its manual only on the Leica (no TTL metering) 

fortunately its pretty easy to use, set the lens for minimum focus distance, adjust the flash to suit - if its in focus, its properly exposed too.

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Hello Echo63,


Nice photos.


Which aperture did you use?


By the way, did you notice that there is a 4 leaf clover in the bottom left of your photo of the camera in between the 2 swirled straps?


Best Regards,



I didnt see the 4 leaf clover - i did just go out and found a 5 leaf one in the same area though



Aperture was either f11 or f16, i am not sure which.

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