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Noctilux E60 ND filter ?


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ok thanks very much

Whatever you're doing, please share with me the results of that particular combination. I'm a big fan of the Noctilux, and I like working with denser ND filters... but I can only guess at what you're going to be shooting. Please post, and/or draw my attention to any web page you might be putting up.



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I used ISO 100 Velvia. Shutter speed was probably 1/750 or 1/1000. The 3-stop ND filter on my Noctilux usually maxes out the shutter on my M7 at f/1 in daylight but I also have a 64x ND for the lens (8 stops) which is good for really bright days.


Pretty cool, a really nice shot. How long was your exposure time?


Daylight, with ISO 400 (isn't all Velvia 400 ASA?) so I assume you needed to shoot at around 1/250th?

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Guest maddoc2003jp
Here's one I shot using the Noct + a 3-stop B+W ND filter on an M7 with Velvia. I have yet to try the same combo on the M8. F/1 of course.




I just found this thread, searching for an 8X ND E60 filter for the Noctilux. Very nice photo !

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... Daylight, with ISO 400 (isn't all Velvia 400 ASA?) ...

In 2002 Velvia was released in ISO 100 but it was initially only available in ISO 50 since its launch in 1990. Many of us landscape photogs used it at ISO 40 to further saturate colours.



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