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Help please! Difficulty hand coding Zeiss ZM 28mm


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I am hoping someone might be able to offer tips on how to complete this task successfully.


Having read the main thread several times, I've tried unsuccessfully to code the Biogon 28mm lens using permanent felt tip marker and yesterday tried black nail varnish. In the UK, I have not sourced a 'Sharpie' brand pen, but have got fine permanent OHP marker and other makes. None have worked. The nail varnish, applied with a 0000 brush looks darker.


I was successful, first attempt, with my Zeiss ZM Planar 50mm and the nail varnish. Initially I marked position of the sensor on the edge of the camera with fine marker pen, then made corresponding lines on the side of the lenses before making black marks on the face of the lens mounts. This seemed to offer less ambiuity than the template which was hard to place correctly in consistent manner.


This is frustrating since the coding is probably more relevant to the wider lens and more so, now that my IR/UV filters have arrived and I want to maximise performance of the camera and lenses.

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