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Thinking of selling my M8 and some lenses..

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Coded (JLM) as WATE, 16 mm setting, Leica IR filter reversed, IR and coding on. straight out of C1.

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"4. Fourth issue is that it's harder to get Leica M8's serviced compared to other cameras. There's really no other way than getting it sent to Solms"


The main problem is here psychological: the belief, trust and reliability of your Leica camera, specially the M8 depends on a good service organization of the Leica cameras! At this moment the Leica service in the world is a very bad one!


For instance: In my own country The Netherlands we had a very good dealer (called Odin) to get the Leica's serviced!

When you had problems with your camera you could immediately walk in.....

Nowadays this firm has stopped with his business and you have to go to Solms, 600 km from here....


At the moment this is for me the main reason not to buy a M8; its bad service and the psychological feeling not to have a reliable camera.....

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