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Just a simple shot I've been meaning to take for a while.


She's not old enough for two-legs-one-leg yet, so it just goes feet apart, feet together

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Thanks Rodrigue, always appreciate input from you -- I love the work on your website, really stunning!


My wife had drawn out a hopscotch grid for my daughter with chalk a few weeks back and I was watching her plan and saw the potential for a photo.  Of course by the time I pulled out my camera she was 'done' and no amount of threats or bribes could make her play one last time for a picture.  It was really sunny though, so not great light anyway.  I just filed the idea away for a future picture.


When I saw this one in a playground with nice soft pre-storm light (we got home just before the heavens opened!) I got ready first, focused on the 7, and then asked her to play it, taking the picture as she landed on it.  Good job I got it in the first take as she only did one and couldn't be persuaded to go again lol

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