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Colorless Cardinal


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I have been chasing this rascal for two weeks. His wife has a nest in my hedge. He wakes us up every morning at 4:30 A.M. He refuses to be photographed. Finally a quick shot which isn't easy with the tripod, adapter, Digilux 3 and the Televid. Not "Doug Quality" but at least he has been captured.

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of a lovely bird

the digiscope gives excellent results in your hands

while I like the BW version, which shows off the details beautifully, I cannot help but prefer seeing the colors of this glorious creature ...the crop in the color seems a bit too tight, particularly on the right

if this was done to avoid the vignetting, it is simple work to clone in the background in PS & I think would help this fine capture's presentation

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I agree with Arthur, Al. I can't imagine why one would want to convert a shot of a cardinal, of all birds into black and white.

While I know you can do better, it's still a nice catch of an elusive bird that I miss seeing. Wish we had them out here in California.


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