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Normal, or Sensor Problem?


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I was out this evening playing with B+W 092 and 093 IR filters. I was taking shots of the same scene with both, trying to figure out the characteristics of both, and which (if either) I preferred.


These are only test shots, so not intended to be 'arty' ;)


However, on most of the longer exposures I am noticing an un-welcome virtical line in the RAW file. I have seen this line (or a line in roughly this position) before, but it's not in every shot, and in fact is rarely there. The last time I saw it was a shot take a month ago at ISO 640. I assumed it was maybe an ISO related issue, but these are all at ISO 160.


The line goes from top to bottom of the shot. Any ideas? Should I be concerned, and be sending it body back to the black hole of Solms (it already needs to go for the Pwer switch half press issue).


I don't recall ever having this issue on Canon.... so is it normal and 'to be expected' on an M8, or should this puppy go in for a service?


First the full frame, then the 100% crop of the top right of the grave stone. No processing other than white balance.

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I just did a quick test. This line appears on all shots of 1/8 second or longer ..... :(


For ALL shots faster than 1/8 there is no line, which is why I rarely see it. Bummer....


Sounds like a second M8 is needed sooner rather than later if I don't want to be without it...

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I 'do not' believe it is a dead row of pixels. This problem has seemed to make itself known with 1.02. I have the same line at 640 iso and above. I hope that Leica will take a look at this issue and hopefully fix via firmware.


See threads.









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What makes you think it's firmware and not a hardware failure ? I am willing to accept it's firmware, but what evidence do you have? If it's a firmware problem, surely every one would have it to some extent or other. If not, then it has to be camera specific, which means hardware, not software (firmware).

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