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My pictures in Zenfolio...


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I just uploaded some of my photographic work to my zenfolio site. If you can give me a minute of your time I invite you to check it out, meanwhile here is a sample of it.


Zenfolio | Ricardo Villagran photography



Thank you!


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Beautiful work. Love the circus compositions. Also, the corgis were interesting given I had two as a kid.


I've wanted to put up a web site dedicated to my photography for some time now. However, my life has gotten extremely busy in the past year, and quite by accident I found that hacking MySpace into a photo blog served my needs best for the time being. The main draw was just the incredible ability to network with existing and prospective subjects and keep up-to-date on interesting events to cover. Seems just about any musician, performance artist, promotor, label, venue and even art gallery has a MySpace profile which they’re using quite effectively amongst themselves for economical promotion and networking. It's the new business card, at least in the underground music and art scene, and you can't go to an event without overhearing a MySpace address being announced or requested between people.


However, while I'm still pressed for time, I've outgrown using MySpace to showcase my photos and last week signed-up for Zenfolio after a bit of research. It's still not my idea photo web site but at least it take me to the next stage that I need to be at this point in time.


Some attractions for me were the professional level tools provided to better interact online with subjects and clients in terms of selective private galleries, multiple image size and file format support, and a photo sales engine. Also, the slideshow feature is the best I’ve seen to far. Everything is very clean, professional and responsive.


The people at Firewheel Design, who did the code and design, for Zenfolio, seem to have made it a labor of love. Additionally, the Zenfolio folks have been very responsive to customer input and the continual development and refinement of feature and services.


I signed-up for the “Unlimited” account at just USD$35 a year with a referral code discount. This allows for, you guessed it, unlimited file storage. If anybody is interested in signing up and saving some money you can use my referral code, KJV-6JN-3MZ. Ricardo, post your referral code too.





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Thank you very much for your kind comments. I really enjoy the whole process: thinking the idea, taking the picture and post-process it... in the most complex compositions I usually spend many hours, like the harlequin portrait that took me around 12 straight hours on the computer to complete...


I appreciate your time in my photographic world, you are always welcome!


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