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M8 viewfinder problem - LED focus


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I just recieved a new M8 yesterday that seems to have a problem with the LED display in the viewfinder. It appears quite out of focus - the viewfinder itself is sharp - but the shutter speed display and over/under exposure arrows are almost so out of focus as to be unreadable. Having played with 3 different demo cameras a different stores, I am certain this is a problem with this body, as none of them looked anything like this.

Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone know if there is an adjustment for this somehow? Maybe a nice convienent set screw somewhere? Or do I need to try and return it or get it repaired?




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had the same problem. the dealer (leica bei meister) replaced the body immediately.


unfortunately, the problem returned a couple of weeks later but the body had to go to solms anyway because of problems with the wheel next to the display (which seems to be a problem, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't or takes it time). no more problems with the LED so far.



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Dang! I thought it was just my bifocal contact lens being in the wrong part of my eye for the viewfinder....but it is really out of focus!!!


I guess I'll wait until it needs something else, I can't see sending it into the cavernous maw of Leica service just for that....


Anyone guess if it is something they could do while I wait if i bring it into Leica NJ? We don't know how it is adjusted (probably Mark Norton does, after his disassembly...)

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I bought an M8 from Calumet with this problem. The three LED's were out of focus to the extent that they bled together in the viewfinder. I called Calumet that afternoon, they put a Leica rep on the phone and validated the problem, and they overnighted me a new one that same day, requesting only that I get the original camera back to them within 15 days. Great customer service, happy outcome. If yours is new, get a replacement.

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Mine seem to be in focus if I position the viewfinder on my eye so they are just barely visible at the bottom of the frame (any lower and I wouldn't be able to see them at all), but fuzzy if I move my eye at all up so they aren't at the extreme bottom edge of the frame.


Is this normal?

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