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Leica Summarex 85mm f 1.5

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I have just recently bought a Summarex 85mm f 1.5 lens. In y opinion it is capable of producing sharp and exciting images, as well as some very soft creamy edged images. Are there any other Summarex users who use this lens for regular photo images? I use the lens on an M Monochrome and Sony Ar7IIr.

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I don't use my Summarex regularly...

 ) ; frankly, I think that if one patiently finds the way to master the usage of this very special tool, it can be still a very satisfactory tool. 


I might be looking for a Summarex. Do want to sell it?

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  but simple answer is NO.



Definitely one of my favorite lenses! I cannot resist te temptation to go back to my archives and select a few images of my past collection. Here are they.

The first one depicts the rare black version, in this case nº 593065. Only 276 were produced, and mine was one with the ivory patina painted focusing scale ring.

Then comes the full Summarex SOOXC lens set : its ORQPO hood and ENOOW leather case, the SGOOD viewer and its CPBOO leather case, the UVOOF UVa and UPOOZ yellow O filters in boxes.

Next is the Summarex equipped with its ORQPO hood, then same with the hood mounted reverse and cap, and finally the two different aperture scale engravings, one including an infrared mark R.





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I think the Summarex is a very surprising lens. Considering it was computed by ladies cranking mechanical calculators and Max Berek with a slide rule, it is an extraordinary achievement. I expected it to be quite soft and low contrast like my Summarit 5cm/f1.5, which is only a slightly older, albeit quite specialised design (Xenon by Horace William Lee working on behalf of Taylor, Taylor and Hobson). The Summarex is totally different. Even wide open, it is sharp in the centre of the image and for its era, high contrast. I sent mine off to Alan Starkie in February for a clean and service along with my LTM Summarit but unfortunately still have not got them back, even though Alan was given a first week in April deadline for completion. 




Photo taken with LTM Summarex and SL 601 at f1.5. 



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