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I dropped my M Monochrom onto a concrete pavement some 18 months ago, knocking the rangefinder out of alignment. I thought it would be expensive to fix and, being skint at the time, I just went back to shooting black and white film on my Leica M2 and M5. Leica have since fixed the M Monochrom, and replaced the sensor into the bargain, and they didn't charge me a penny, not even for postage. To say I'm happy with this outcome would be an understatement. 


But I'm glad I got back into film again. It really does have a magical quality that even the M Monochrom can't quite duplicate. Film isn't anywhere near as sharp, certainly, but that's part of the charm. There's a kind of timeless beauty in those grainy and imperfect images.


Anyway, I attach a recent shot (March 2016) I took in my home city of Glasgow. It's on Ilford HP5 pushed to 800 ISO. I shot it in torrential rain, on my M2 fitted with 28mm Summicron ASPH, wide open at f2. I've used the M Monochrom very carefully in the rain, but I don't think I'd have risked it in those conditions.


Best wishes all,



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Colin , film is more artistic and your choice of Ilford HP5 is fine.

Nicer picture and "soft" edges and lines "not cutting" and "agressive" for eyes IMO

You said sweet and artistic ?

This street photo is very well done "at the decisive moment" as said Henri Cartier Bresson.

I feel the raindrops

The reflection is beautiful ...  and "black is real black" and "white is real white" in film

You are welcome in film thread 




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Lucky you b/c when I dropped my MM it was only about 6 inches off of my countertop and the damage done wasn't given much sympathy by Leica USA even though the camera was less than a year old.  Had to sink $500 just to get it in good enough shape to sell it off and wish it good riddens.

You are better off with film...

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Great photo......And yes, film provides an element that digital just misses on, ...comes close but misses. 

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