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I'm starting a thread for anyone who would like to create, and share full color images by shooting three black and white photos of the same subject.  The technique is called Trichrome Photography, and it was used to create the first color image in 1861.  Here's some early examples http://tricrhomephoto.tumblr.com/

Creating a color image from three black and white photographs is done by using a different color filter in front of the lens for each exposer (Red, Green, and Blue.)  When those three black and white color records are combined, a full color image is created.  Today, the easy way to combine those three black and white color records, is with Photoshop.

The highest quality Trichrome images are produced with a tripod, and a still object.  However, interesting color effects can occur if there's movement between exposures.  This technique can be done on film or digital cameras.   

As much as I consider myself a film enthusiast, I think the best black and white color records will come from Leica digital Mono cameras.  Of course, Leica digital color cameras can be used, however they have a filter in front of the sensor to create color (possibly reducing detail.)  Leica mono cameras do not have this filter, therefore possibly increasing the amount of information being recorded. 

With film cameras, the process is a bit more involved.  There's the choice of what black and white film to use (slowest speed possible is best since three images will be layered on top of each other.)  Processing of the film, then scanning of the film.  Also, layering the three black and white color records together in a program like Photoshop may not be as precise, depending on the quality of the scans.     

The following link shows examples of Trichrome Photography today     

The following link shows a Trichrome created with a M6

And a Youtube video on how to stack the three color records into one shot. 

The idea to start this thread came from two books I'm currently reading. "The Dawn of Technicolor 1915-1935," and "Technicolor Movies; The History of Dye Transfer Printing."

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Steve (250swb) and I have both previously posted examples of colour photos taken with a Monochrom. If I can find the links I will post them here.


When I bought the Monochrom I fully intended to do a fair bit of this technique but, for whatever reasons, never did so. Maybe once you get over the novelty of playing around with the technique, it isn't actually all that interesting in the modern age of colour film and digital photography (though the historical examples are absolutely fascinating).

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Here's one I did earlier.




That looks really nice.  What I find different about it is the range of contrast; though I have no way of knowing if that could have also been created by simply using a color camera.  Besides the color bleeding, there's a real snap, a dimension with rich tones I'm not used to seeing.   



Thanks for sharing!

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epand56, on 18 Jul 2016 - 12:45, said:

This is the first trichrome I experimented.




Excellent results.  The color obviously is a bit more saturated and color cast a little bit different with the trichrome, but perfect registration. 

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