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ND filters on Voigtlander lenses with M240


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Does anyone have experience using ND filters or variable ND filters on their M240, with Voigtländer lenses? Specifically I would like to be able to use a 58 mm filter ( to fit the Heliar 15 v.iii ) and a 49 and 52 mm step up ring with the 58 mm filter for use with the Nokton 50 1.5 and Nokton 35 1.2.  Does anyone know if this will work with the stock hoods, or can I not use the hoods? Will the filter fit within the hoods? Trying to not have to buy 3 different size filters. The hood on the 15mm is non removable, but very small. Thanks, Brent


PS looking at the Hoya and B+W specifically.  The B+W seems quite deep in the variable version, and they're specifying a different front filter thread diameter than the filter size ie 58mm rear threads, 62mm front.


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I have a Heliopan 46mm variable ND filter, for use on a Zeiss 1.5/50, which is threaded to take a hood, albeit a non-standard one in my case (£5 on Amazon). I then use a 43/46 step ring to use the same set up on my CV Nokton 1.4/35

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