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Question for D-Lux 6 owners

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I have been mulling over purchase of a Digilux 6. The problem is that I already own an X1. I note that the 6 does not really offer much of an advantage in portability. The obvious advantages of the 6 are faster lens and some measure of zoom capacity. I am curious to know if folks who own, or have experience with both X1 and Digilux 6 find it useful to own both cameras. Am I wrong about the statement that the 6 is not a more convenient camera to carry and use?


In comparison to one another, it surprises me to see that the purchase price of the 6 is the same- in some cases more- than the X1.



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OK, I own both a D-Lux 6 (I´ll call it DL6 for brevity) and an X1.  While the image quality from the X1 is far superior to that of the DL6 due to the bigger sensor, the slowness of the X1 bugs me a lot.  You already know the X1; the DL6 is faster, and has a better screen.  As you suspect, the difference in portability is small: both require a small bag or a BIG pocket (subjectively, the DL6 FEELS smaller, however).  And both require a losable lens cover, which is a nuisance.


For what it´s worth: I have purchased a Ricoh GR that has replaced both the X1 and the DL6: fast action, image quality to rival the X1 (even the Leica Q, some say...), and much better pocketability.  For more "serious" shooting, however, nothing beats my M9 or Monochrom.

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Personally, I have D-Lux 5 since 2010. Il of it am really very satisfied and I make use ot it especially for the travel because of his compactness.

I also have X VARIO which I really consider excel, in particular for its handiness, its optical qualities and the fidelity of colors.

I have finally Digilux 2 (like nine) and from which I will never separate...



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I had a X1 and still own a D-LUX 6 - but ths was no replacement.  If no zoom is needed,  I would prefer the X1 for usual photography. But for macros and table top photography the D-LUX 6 is great and for photography under polarized light too ( a pol filter on the lens - polarized light for example from a monitor).  I find that an additonal D-LUX 6 is a good idea, if you are interested in the kinds of photography mentioned before or you would like to have a zoom.

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I have both an X2 and a Dlux 6......The Dlux 6 I got for my wife......well not really

We carried both through France for a month, as our only cameras. I found the Dlux 6 a great complement to the fixed lens of the X2. Very very easy pocket camera to carry and had wonderful IQ.

"Am I wrong about the statement that the 6 is not a more convenient camera to carry and use?"

Great camera to carry and only OK to use ....OK because

The X2 it wonderfully designed camera easy to use....a joy (except for slow focus)

The DLux6 is designed like all Japanese cameras, it does too much and has way, way too many menus.

So don't plan on using the DLux 6 like the X2. Plan on wading through lots and lots of Japanese poorly designed pain in the butt menus.

However it focus quick and the zoom is great. So once you set it how you like .....don't fiddle ...which is what I hate...... I like to fiddle.

If you don't mind that its not seamless German design ...it a great little .....camera .
Anyone asking me what pocket camera to get ...I always recommend the Panasonic LX7 AKA DLux6

Hope this helps
Also fair warning .......these cameras are gateway drugs ....I now use an 240/MP and have serious GAS.
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What is the current Firmware for the D-Lux 6?    I'm on 1.0 but can't seem to find anything more up to date. I'm getting occasional Zoom Error messages. I have reset the camera but they still show up.


I just when through the Dlux 6, ridiculously massive menu tree and didn't see an screen to tell me what version is on my camera.......Anybody know how to find that?


That aside I am nearly positive their were no up dates to this cameras firmware ..... So what it came with is what it is. I've had mine since 2013 and its a fine quirky little camera with too many menu's.


Mine still works like new ....but I ignore general quirks ....great camera IQ very unfriendly design


To me because of all its features that's what makes it qurky ....in a bad way The IQ makes it worth it

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A few months ago I bought a D-Lux (109), which if Leica continued the logical nomenclature of the prior models, would be the D-Lux 7.  I bought it primarily as a better camera than my D-Lux 5, and as backup in case of failure on vacation for my V-Lux (114) - Logical nomenclature for that camera would be V-Lux 5.  The new D-Lux is considerably better than my "5" was, has a very good, usable electronic viewfinder, and shares the software of my V-Lux to double the long end focal length using an interpolation process which works quite well.  Consequently, the effective zoom range is a 35mm equivalent to 24-150.  I also bought an automatically opening/closing lens cap for it to overcome lens cap loss - It works quite well, and rather cleverly.


The lens is quite fast.  On Myajima Island in Japan last month, under just candle light at a distance and fully zoomed I was able to get usable images of monks dancing which I couldn't "freeze" with the V-Lux.


I consider this camera a viable alternative to the D-Lux 5 and X1.

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Hi Wayne!

It's been a few months, did you end up purchasing a D-Lux 6? 

I don't have an X1, so I can't comment on it, but I do have a D-Lux 6 that I purchased back in 2014. It's been a great complement to my M9. Since buying it, it's traveled with me to Spain, Ecuador, across the US, and Turkey. Though I use it mostly for quick snapshots of family and friends, in the Ecuadorian Amazon I used it to take pics of the starry nights, they came out —IMHO— really nice. I was quite pleased. 

While it is not completely pocketable, I do often carry it around in my coat pocket. 

There was a comment on the menu system, but to be honest, I only have to go into it when I need to change the time zone or format the SD card. As this is my third D-Lux (I had the original, then I upgraded to the D-Lux 3 and finally to the 6), I'm used to using the online screen for changing settings while shooting. It's pretty intuitive (at least to me) and I don't think it's an issue. Having said that, I often shoot it in "P" mode, so I really pretty much give control to the camera. I'm very happy with the results, and for the type of shooting that I do with it —fast and off the cuff— it's great. The AF is fast. For full manual control, I have my M9. 

But, as always, your mileage may vary. You may have different uses for a small, speedy camera than I do. 


Good luck,



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