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Many thanks for the comments. I think image #2 benefits from the nice morning light to make it the more catching photo.

I've been surprised by how much I use the 15 mm. Not having a proper finder, I mostly aim and shoot, then recompose after evaluating the shot on the screen. Not ideal for moving subjects though :)

This manor house (properly called Ronnum nowdays, the area and old name was Rånnum) is from the 17th century and functions today as a hotel/confrerence center/gourmet restaurant. It is close to Trollhättan (of SAAB fame) near the SW coast of Sweden.

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Hi Arne,

Nice shots, however I think it's a little over saturated, I worked on it a little bit and hare it is:


Let me know if you see the difference and what you think.



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Edisaacs, I like your version too, but having seen the strong yellow walls in situ, I think it's a little pale. I usually add a touch of saturation before "Save to Web" to compensate for the loss PS seems to inflict on the image in the conversion. Perhaps I overdid it somewhat this time.

Thanks for the comments.

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