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M9 firmware & Summarit 75

Stein K S

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A short question... I have been using firmware 1176 on my M9 till now. But when I purchased a used Summarit 75 2,5, I thought I would get the appropriate firmware to get the profile of choice. I also thought that the 1202 version from march 2014 would do the trick. But no... no Summarit there. OK then... lets get the 1204... But this version do not show up as an option to me on the Leica Camera pages...


So I am obviously missing something here.


Thank you folks for all feedback!


PS: sorry about the misspelling in this threads title...


Regards, Stein

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The title is fixed. Summarits will not appear in the list of lenses as all are coded. The camera will recognise them automatically.


Hi again


Feel somewhat embarressed now... ;-)


Thanks again and regards, Stein

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The only way firmware1.204 is available, is when you have the newest sensor installed due to the original sensor showing corrosion issues. Leica loads it when they install the new sensor. Mine came back with the new sensor and 1.204 last month.


Alternatively, if I got firmware 1.196 on the M9-P, does it mean that its no way with replaced CCD sensor?



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