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Some time ago I started a blog (www.mbphotox.wordpress.com) about adapted 50mm lenses on my Canon DSLR. A Leica 50 was on my wishlist for half a year and when I finally went out to buy one, I came home with an Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8 because the Cron had been picked up by another guy right before I arrived at the store.


A few months later, I found a great offer online and bought an Elmarit-R 28mm and finally also the Summicron-R 50mm I had been looking for.


Having three lenses, I figured "why not get back into shooting film?", and so I started looking for a suitable Leica R body.


The SL2 was not an option since all my lenses are R-only, and the R6 was simply too damn expensive. R3 to R5 it was..


I stumbled upon this expensive offer that had been online for weeks, by a guy who wanted to sell his pristine Summicron-R 90mm together with a near-mint Leica R5...


I ended up talking him down by 20% and bought the package


Loaded a roll of Superia 200 last night and am looking forward to the results.



Here are some pics (more can be found on the blog)


The baseplate shows slight signs of wear, the brass shines through at some areas, but other than that it's perfect.



My lenses, without the 90mm, I've still got to take pictures of that one. But it only arrived 2 days ago.

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My signature lens "portrait"


I really like adapted glass, for the great haptics and manual focus, and because the rendering isn't so sterile. Also, having such a compact "street lens" makes for a more "covert" shooting experience. That is, until the shutter fires..


This combo isn't much fun to handle, though.. I hope it'll be better on my gripped X-T10

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Thank you for the warm welcome:)


I've got two little questions already:

- Where can I get an eyecup for the R5, at a reasonable price? (i paid 10 bucks with shipping for the thing for my Nikon F2, which comprises of a glass lens and the actual rubber eyecup, so I wouldn't want to pay more than that for a simple piece of rubber for the Leica, I'm fine with 3rd party stuff.)


- Is there such a thing as a cap for the hood? (meaning the lens hood from my 28mm Elmarit) and can I get the cap for the lens separately? (it's broken because of the metal pins that hold the hood)

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Stuff like the hood cap and rubber eye cup can be found from 3rd party vendors, but you have to make sure the item is a true match.  Lots of vendors will list the same item for many different cameras.  Now the lens cap is somewhat of a Leica exclusive I would think, basically because the economies of scale of making those slotted caps is just not worth it.  You'll just have to shop around, contact different camera shops through their web sites to see if anyone has what you need.  Some shops may even have baskets full of caps and hoods you could rummage through.


Happy hunting.



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Hood cap might be a challenge, it is rectangular after all.

Hood for the lens bare, not so hard, do what PF suggested, rummage. Find one that fits, and then cut some slots. Caps I have had in the past for this same requirement have been slotted, not sure if "factory slotted, or DIY slotted" but slotted nevertheless.


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Okay, thanks guys.


I'll contact my dealer right away..



The original strap is in the box with the camera, but "ugly" is too gentle a description.


I thought about getting a Gordy's strap.

But what colour combination would be best?


This is my wrist strap on the F2.


I would get a neckstrap, though.

And I'm not so sure if black with red thread would fit that well, even though the camera screams for it

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I just took the time to take some pictures for two upcoming blog articles.


Here it finally is, a shot that shows my Leica R5 with some lenses

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I wrote some blog posts regarding my Leica gear and each lens with loads of images of the items in question, my personal findings and impression.

I will add more sample images as soon as I get to shoot again. (although most will be digital, courtesy of my Canon 1Ds III)


Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8

Elmarit-R 28mm f/2.8

Summicron-R 50mm f/2

Summicron-R 90mm f/2


the Leica R5


Your feedback would be highly appreciated.

If you'd like to know more things or would want to see a certain information in my articles, feel free to tell me.

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I'm at a loss here..

The user manual decided to keep this a secret and I really want to know now:

How can I select very slow shutter speeds on T and M modes?

I know the camera goes down to 15s in A modes, but the shutter speed wheel only goes to 1/2s..


With my Nikon F2 I have to use the self timer for this, but I don't think this works for the Leica?

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Figured it out, with some help..

Leica obviously decided that the advanced user shooting in manual mode wasn't advanced enough to be able to chosr long shutter speeds, you can only use the ones on the dial. (and bulb, obviously)



I also got my Gordy's strap yesterday and it fits perfectly.


Still no hit on the search for an eyecup, but Leica Switzerland offered me a brand new one for 60$..

I'm not tempted, to be honest..


They figured it out with accessory pricing for the Q, why can't they adopt that for other camera series?

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Received the Gordy's Strap and installed it right away.

Fits the camera like a glove


Leica R5 by Mischa, on Flickr

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That does look indeed pretty charming.


I use a blackrapid tripod mounted strap with my R8, its a real bummer that camera's straplugs are located so....stupidly. having a normal strap on it chaffes your fingers, what where they thinking....

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Got my first ever colour film developped and scanned it myself on my Pacific Image PrimeFilm XE scanner (that I brought home from Canada last week)


It was more of a test film, with loads of different scenarios where I brought the camera along to take some pictures.


Summicron-R 50mm late afternoon, heavily clouded day


same, on a sunny day



The Summicron-R 50mm at the lake during the sunset


the 28mm Elmarit-R, I like sunsets


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    • By qqphot
      I mostly just want to gripe here. I've been trying for a couple of months to find a vaguely period-correct collapsible 50mm Summicron for a IIIg. Twice so far I've actually bought one, for hundreds of dollars, once from a reputable shop and once from someone on Reddit. 
      Both Summicrons were inoperable, and in the same way - disassembled by an amateur and put back together I assume with one or more elements reversed or in the wrong order. No sharp image at any distance, just a hazy swirling blur from infinity to up close.  I haven't taken a Summicron apart, but I'm wondering if this is a particularly easy thing to get wrong?  In any case I assume even if it were reassembled in the right order and orientation it'd need major recalibration than I'd have no way to accomplish. The most recent one also had the aperture ring installed wrong, rotated 90 degrees from correct.
      It's just disappointing to see that sellers apparently don't even bother slapping a lens on a digital body and taking a quick snapshot to see if it's even functional at all.
      It's kind of a dreamy effect but this is not the "Leica Glow" I was hoping for! 🤣

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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
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      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
    • By Khalid Shahin
      The person I bought it from said they bought it from a seller in Japan a few years ago. And they got the lens CLA'd (Clean, Lubricate, Adjust) this year.
      Serial Number: 125167
      It weighs 111 grams when there's no caps on it.
      It has "50mm" instead of "5cm" written on the front of the lens, which it would indicate that it's an earlier model I believe.
      There's an "o" on the barrel by the focus lever, which would indicate that this is a standardized lens mount.
      Underneath the focus leaver there's the number 5 (as shown in the picture), I don't know what this means.
      I think the focus lever is at the 11 o'clock position? I'm not sure how to tell.
      I tested it and found: 105 cm / 41 inch closest focusing distance. The rear plate has distances in feet. I don't know if Leica sent certain countries a different plate, or if it was replaced by a distributor, or if it was replaced in the decades after it was first sold. Interestingly enough there's no "Germany" or "Made in Germany" that I see on other exported lenses.
      Full album with more more picture and in higher quality: https://imgur.com/a/bhQcwHI
      Is this lens legit? Was the rear plate with "feet" replaced by a 3rd party? And is this really 1931 or 1932?

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!  
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      My article on some of the highlights of the next Leitz Photographica Auction is here.
      A link to the full auction catalogue is here.
    • By FumihitoTF
      Hello. I have the Elmarit 28mm f2.8 asph. But it is a 11606. I am embarrassed to say that I am a geek and prefer the 11677 hood. Some Leica users say that the 11606 is more compact and better, or that the 11677 has better image quality, but I don't know. I'm a nerd who chooses cameras based on looks, so the 11677 hood looks shiny to me, because the 11606 hood is plastic! Will there be a new metal hood for the 11606? If not, I'll have to get the 11677 after I give up the 11606. I know it seems a bit silly but LOL I'll wait for your reply.
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