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Steve McGarrett

Multi-focal finders and eye relief

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Hi all,


I'm looking for some first-hand information on universal finders for M240.
I'm wearing glasses, unfortunately, so it's difficult for me to see frame's edges in RF viewfinders: eye relief is critically important to me.

Alternatives are:
- Voigtlander Zoom Finder 15-35 (discontinued but still in stock somewhere, I think)
- Leica 21/24/28 (..I've read bad reviews of this...)
- Leica 16-28 aka "Frankenfinder"
- any other?


Could someone kindly tell me something about these finders?

Actually I'm using Leica plastic single-focal finders (and old metal ones), and eye relief is (barely) enough for me. Do Zeiss finders have more?

Thank you in advance



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I have the Frankenfinder and it is quite accurate although images appear distorted. It is far better than Voigtländer finders for an eyeglass wearer. The downsides are that it is real bulky and expensive.


My recommendation would be the VF-2 although it has it's known disadvantages. Small and cheap (Olympus anyway). Cuts a bit from sides, but not as much as the LCD monitor.

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A couple of minutes ago, just try for you two multi-finders in my case:

 - Leica 21-24-28 has minimum eye relief, even with no glasses I have to move around to see the whole view

 - Voigtlander Zoom finder 15-35 is better in eye relief but only with no glasses, less comfortable but usable with glasses

and this one has diopter adjustment if need be





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Thank you very much Arnaud.

Can you do a last test for me, if you have a Leica fixed finder too, like plastic or metal 21mm, or 18mm, 28mm etc.?

The eye relief of Voigtlander zoom finder is better or worse?

Like I said, I actually use Leica finders, they are usable for me even if not particularly comfortable, but I'm searching for an "all-in-one" solution because switching finders every time I change lens is annoying.

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- compared to Zoom-finder 15-35, my very old 21mm 12002/SBKOO is much less brighter but better eye relief, I can see the whole framing with glasses

- new metal Leica 24mm is just as fine and equal eye relief with Voigtlander = not so comfortable as SBKOO with glasses.

- 28mm plastic Leica is the nicest viewing with glasses

- just to be fair, I compare also the much loving of LTM users, 35mm SBLOO but I can not see all without moving around when viewing with glasses

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Sometimes you can find the Frankenfinder at 1/2 price used like I did for around $400-. Its a good finder and lets you know what you need to. The only thing it doesn't do is have the bubble level active on the vertical.

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