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Any takers for Leica UK half price Digilux 3 swop for Digilux 2 offer?


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My D2 is with Leica after sensor failure and there is a delay of 5 to 8 weeks for repairs.


However Leica UK have written to me offering a brand new Digilux 3 for GBP 895.00 (half the RSP of £1790.00) in exchange for my D2 pointing out that many D2 owners have opted to move up to the Leica D system.


After some consideration I have decided to stick with the D2.


I'm not sure this is such a good deal when John Lewis is selling the L1 for £899 and an additional three year guarantee for £45.


Just wondered if anyone had taken up the offer.



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Fascinating - can't they sell them at list price?


JL's deal is a good one and the L1 with V2 firmware is a good.


But well done you for sticking to the D2 - it's a Classic and worth keeping for its unique signature.

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Nigel, I'll let you do the maths again, but a good/working D2 sells on ebay for between USD $900-1200


Whilst the L1 captures significantly better images than a D2 (i have both), I have kept my D2 because the images are still outstanding, and there is a very narrow bandwidth of situations I like to use my D2 rather than my L1 (I use my L1 95% of the time).


I use my D2 :

a) when I must have an absolutely dead quiet shutter, (my daughter perform in classical music concerts)

B) at dinner parties, where I don't want to standout as the camera geek

c) bright outdoors ISO100 days

d) social gatherings with indoors flash shots

e) when I want a light weight camera to carry all day for 'quality snap shots'


But as stated before, the D2 requires, slow-deliberate shooting. The L1 is a better action and street shooter than the D2.

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