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Rainy trip to the Texas Coast


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has its virtues

great seafood, fishing, birding & some genuinely funky places for photographers

these are wonderful photographs that show the character of this region well

I don't know that the frames help here, but this is a matter of taste

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Thank you all for your kind comments. William, yes, I shot four rolls of K-64 and quite a few with the M8. Arthur, I typically won't crop my photos, scanned or digital, the frame just comes with the image. Thanks Pete, this may be his boat, one of thousands like it... Oh, and the liquor store actually had a bottle of Boodles on hand, a pleasant surprise as only the higher end stores carry it in the area I live.

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Paul - like your shot with the two girls - this has a timeless feel to it. The liquor store especially....could have been shot in another era. Good stuff, nice atmospherics all around. Makes me think I need to search out some back roads in Jersey looking for old gas stations & diners....

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Thanks guys for looking and the warm comments. I really appreciate the feedback.


Pete, the bait is typically live shrimp and other live or dead (frozen) fish that are used as bait to catch the bigger fish. The larger shrimp are sold as 'table shrimp'. I'm still enjoying the product of the first photo, I just poured myself some Boodles Gin I purchased there.


The add on shot was one of the first I took with the CV 15 on the M8 - for such a inexpensive lens I was quite pleased with it's performance. Cheers, Paul.

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This is an excellent series that I nearly missed due to being on leave. Lots of opportunities here.



The add-on shot is the one for me, so "live".

What sort of bait are these folks selling? As a neo-veggie I'm not sure that was a good question. :o


Since when?

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