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Peterborough Pliosaur: Pachycostosaurus Dawni

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The City of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire UK owes much of its industrial success to brick making. The Jurassic clay brick pits surrounding the city contain a wealth of fossils and periodically important Jurassic marine reptile remains are 'unearthed'. One possible new species has been announced today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-36407875 - discovered in the famous Kings Dyke quarry near Whittlesey. In 1996 another new species of pliosaur (a short necked plesiosaur), 'Pachycostosaurus Dawni' was also discovered in Kings Dyke and is now displayed in Peterborough Museum. 


Several months ago I obtained permission from Vivacity (the museum management) to photograph P. Dawni but because of the restricted access around the specimen's display cabinet was limited to using a monopod and compact camera - thus used my X Vario with hot shoe mounted SF 58 flash - part bouncing the flash via the built-in reflector. The specimen is named after the late Alan Dawn a local geologist and paleontologist who discovered the specimen and who with his team painstakingly reconstructed the 160 million years old skeleton over many months. 'Pachus' = thick ribbed. 


Pliosaurs are not dinosaurs - they were marine reptiles and are related to turtles. 




Pachycostasaurus Dawni (Peterborough Pliosaur - 160 million years, 3.1 metres, Jurassic marine reptile)  




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