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A Tandom from the Market


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My favorite street photo shots are those that capture a moment in time without any further modification beyond exposure correction (if needed) and maybe some cropping, the kinds of thing you could do in a darkroom with optical printing. But each to his own taste.


I visited your website and you have some great images there.



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I go back and forth....depends on the shot. With this shot, the image of the girls up front was what I was after and the background of the bus and cars was just too much. But,  I didn't want to blur the entire background and make an attempt at the perfect shot for I knew that I wanted to keep the little kid in focus, so 'select focus' or 'select blur', was what I was after.  An abstract blur, I didn't have to make it look fake by trying to make it look real, I could just selectively blur  the part I wanted. If.....that makes sense:-) ... jim

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I agree...post processing is up to the 'eye'.... I was at a gallery showing last night of a gentleman who post processed to 'his liking' and was unique. As in all art....some like it, some do not, as we all know. 


PS'ing is strictly personal and the flavor one attempts to take that day, with that image...might depend on their mood for the day, how they perceive of the final product for that day etc...with the beauty of it being that the 'next day'....how they handle that image might be totally different. Just toss the first one and work on the second image and third and fourth. 


This was shot strictly as a street shot..... I can have a street shot where there is some 'abstract element' to the processing and some will dislike it, while other times I can have no processing and others will dislike that. That is the beauty of art I suppose... 

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