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Cameraquest no longer ship outside US? Lost My Ultron 28mm Hood- need help?


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I have a Voigtlander Ultron 28mm f2 M mount lens. Great lens. It has an odd hood that comes with the lens- I lent the lens to a friend and it came back without the hood.

  The hood has female threads instead of the male you would normally get on a lens hood- it is possibly irreplaceable with any aftermarket part- and the lens actually looks incomplete without it- it is kind of integral.


Anyhows- I emailed cameraquest in the USA (where I originally got the lens) to ask if they could get a replacement. They emailed back only to say that they no longer ship outside of the US. I emailed back to ask if they actually had the part- but got no reply at all.

It's a crying shame! I really liked (past tense) cameraquest... 


Does anyone know of any other supplier of Voigtlander lenses that might stock such an item?


If not- would a US forum member mind emailing Cameraquest to ask after the part availability and price?



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the issue is- with this specific lens- the hood is not an accessory part. It is generally sold with the lens- and the lens actually looks incomplete without it. In fact I have no idea why they made it removable at all. If it wasn't for this I would just replace it with an aftermarket hood.


For some reason at B&H it is pictured without the hood- you can see they way the threads for the hood are opposite to the standard. Although it isn't pictured- I am sure they ship it with the lens as photovillage shows it


anyhow thanks for all the advice- hopefully mainline can order it in- we'll see.

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