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Lakeside View


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Another great capture of the mood of this location,must go there this Summer; is it open to J.Public and photography not forbidden indoors?.


Very well seen and executed!


There is a body of people who believe that Ruskin is the best thing about "the other place". ;)

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Thanks very much. I'm very fond of the place - it has a special atmosphere. Yes it is open to the hoi-poloi Brantwood - Visitor Information But it is still reasonably "undiscovered". It's a refreshingly "uncurated" place unlike NT places with their dragons and don't signs. They have a very small notice saying no flash or tripods and I imagine big Canons and Nikons with phallic zooms might get them a bit worried - I just asked the guy (there is usually only one!) on duty if I could use my Leica (First visit was an M6 and last visit of course the M8) and he said no problem.


Ruskin is indeed one of the small number of things "the other place" is justly proud of - one of the others being my wife who was not fortunate enough to go to the best university either. I was given a green and battered volume of his works by an aged uncle when I was about 12 and have been an advocate of his views ever since. My wife describes me as a "benevolent elitist" Ho hum - she's probably right - she usually is!


Do go and have a look at the place. There is a steam gondola that calls at the jetty below the house every hour and you can have a cruise on Coniston for about a fiver. It was too cold and breezy last time I was there but it is fun on a nice warm day!

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