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Leica Q MACRO image thread

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On 11/8/2018 at 9:53 AM, zampelis said:


I think the most important part is to take as many photos as possible and to dedicate as much time as possible. There are so many different styles and I am sure that each of us has different ways to express himself. The only way to discover them is to spend a lot of time taking really bad photos and learn from them!!

Thanks so much for your detailed and thoughtful reply. I can see that your "secret sauce" is hard work, patience, and persistence... of course helped by a great eye for beauty. Your last line was of course the key to life.

I hope to start posting some photos soon!

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Thanks Dimitri ! I can't say more because my English is so bad…

Mais tu parles français dans les forum alors je te remercie pour le partage, c'est si rare la générosité !

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BTW. I have asked Santa this year for a new heart/like button to use on this forum. I think I’m heading for my third this year. It’s a wonderful experience checking in here everyday to see some amazing images and head scratching techniques. Thank you. Keep inspiring! 

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