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Leica Q MACRO image thread

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Our Iris have finally started blooming in Colorado. A friend is a Master Gardner and Best in Show Iris winner. This is one of his called "Peggy Ann". I attempted to remove a distracting element on the lower left with unimpressive results. Needed more time. :-) I do not find the Q to be a great camera for this kind of photography. If only the zoomed in live view image would stay zoomed, it would help in a large way. It's critical for manual focussing accurately. I also find using the iphone as a remote trigger to be unnatural. I wish for either a real electronic or mechanical remote release.

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Wow. Such nice detail and very sharp!


Thank you so much Dan! I wasn't aware that those little fellas are just flies that use the same colours like wasps in order not to be eaten by their predators!

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Wow Zampelis - beautiful beautiful images.



+1 to that



Boojay, HighlandK, thank you so much for your compliments! Really appreciated!

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