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  • Similar Content

    • By mrs_apeak
      Hello everyone ! 
      I just noticed that I have traces of wear on the hot shoe connectors of my leica Q2. I have used it only very rarely and with leica flashes. Has anyone noticed the same thing? Do I have to worry about it? Everything works very well but I still find it weird ..
      Thanks for your help ! 

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    • By qstom
      Leica Q (Type 116) | Excellent Condition | owned from new.
      Included are:
      Leica Strap (original) Extra battery (Panasonic Lumix) Box + receipt  B+W 49mm 007M MRC Nano Coated Clear Glass Protection filter - XSPD Mount Generic Thumbs Up Screen protector from day one. This is a much loved, very well looked after, never dropped camera.
      The lens hood has some really tiny mild blemishes, the body is in excellent condition and the lens is perfect.
      All original packaging/presentation box supplied and fully in tact.
      Camera was bought NEW from Richard Clapan.
      Ask any questions please!
      Price is 2400£  2250£  or nearest offer.
      I'm based in Central London (5min walk from Tottenham Court Road)
      You can check my feedbacks on eBay user: qstom  or find me on Instagram under the same nickname. 
    • By M Kenya
      Fisherman and his grandson returning home
      Praslin Seychelles 
      Leica Q
      INSTA: bbcphil

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    • By Herr Barnack
      So we have two 28mm Summilux lenses to choose from nowadays, the Summilux M and the Summilux Q.  I am curious:  For those who own and use both (and knowing this crowd, there has to be several who have both)  which image rendering do you prefer, and why?
      Obviously there is way more that factors in to choosing between these two lenses, but my interest lies in the different rendering that the two lenses produce. 
    • By analog-digital
      Hello everybody
      I am new to the Leuca Q system. I would like to try one of the 3 types, but I'm not sure which one.
      What are the pros and cons points? What is the difference between the Q and Q-P? Do not leave me ignorant ......
      PS: I own M8's and Mono Typ 246
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