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Favourite settings on a Leica X1


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Hello Again

I have recently bought a used Leica X1 (please see my other post) and I am trying all the various quality settings i.e. colour / contrast / sharpness etc.

I wonder if any members here have a favourite profile setting for colour or monochrome which they would like to share.

I know DNG is probably the answer!  But it involves a lot of time.  I am more interested in good jpegs straight from the camera.

Any thoughts gratefully received.

Best wishes from the Yorkshire Dales England


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Yep, agree with Len, either middle of the road all the way, or at best +1 on the sharpness.  Occasionally I will try B&W High Contrast, but usually just shoot "normal" B&W.

For serious stuff (so, read Europe trip or similar) I shoot DNG plus mono JPEG. That way I see in mono, but have both bases covered. The honest side of me says it's a waste of time for me though, I normally only use the JPEG's, they really are that good.


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Probably Posted this one before.. X1 (Tivoli Copenhagen)(One of my favs) -- 



Super Color & Clarity - Settings:- jpeg Fine +1 Color & Sharpness.. A minimal tweak in Apple Preview (Shadow/Color/Sharpness).


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