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LEICA PLEASE lower frequency SL Acoustic signal AF ready


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To be honest I can't stand cameras that make noises and it's the first thing I switch off.


AF on the SL is so consistent accurate and fast that I have noticed very few occasions when it can't lock focus ..... and there is visual confirmation (green versus black) anyway. 

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I normally do the same and turn off camera sounds. I can easily hear any focal plane shutter's operating click and find the focus lock and shutter trip beeps very annoying. 


However, with my X with its very quiet leaf shutter and with the SL running electronic shutter speed (1/8000-1/16000), there are times when I've turned on a beep sound as audio confirmation so that I know the exposure has been made. I normally have auto-review off and with these two cameras it is sometimes disconcerting that I have no way to gauge whether the exposure was made otherwise, at least not without hitting the review button...

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