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Anybody seen a 60mm Leica IR filter yet?


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and I don't expect to get mine until later in the month, if then

I sometimes think the dearth of new Leica lenses is due to the fact that the factory has been busy with ir/cut filter production :)

then in darker moments I think they are holding off on lens release to increase demand so that a price rise will be better accepted :mad:

I suspect the truth is a simpler matter, but Solms is selling M8s & they are available now ...a simple truth is that these new cameras do require lenses

free ir/cut filters have are likely placed on a lower production priority, though from experience I believe Leica will be honorable in its dealings with its customers ...I am certain the filters are manufactured by a third party anyway (I heard from a reliable source they get them from Heliopan)

the filters make a huge difference for what I like to do, so the wait is a bit painful

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