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Don't mess with Leica


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I don't think I'm a fanboy. Or probably am.


My experience with my Leicas R3, R4, R5, R6.2, Digilux 2 (3 of them), and my current X1 and M8 has always been great, one of my favourite all time brands regardless it is camera segment or not. No need to explain the feeling because most of us here are on the same boat I presume. 


Anyway, I was reading the M-D launch news at Dp... checked almost all the 500 comments (in fast forward) and I don't know maybe 99% of them were aimed to trash the M-D and Leica as a brand from people who probably has never shoot with a Leica before, then I realised all of their sarcastic jokes make no fun to me at all, on the contrary I felt sad for them and angry at the same time. Why the hate? Instead of picking some fights there I decided to log out and share with the group my thoughts



Should I put 6K for a Leica M-D, no way. But I hope their price will settle a bit in a couple of years and hopefully reaches the 3K mark I am 100% sure I will get a nice pre-loved one. Why not?



Happy weekend everyone,



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There is a lot of negativity in DP Review and indeed in many forums (fora if you insist) but I do wonder about Leica's direction. I bought my first Leica in 1964 so I'm not a newcomer. For many years I used an M6 as my main camera. I was never convinced that a red dot on a Panasonic justified a huge price hike and the M8 that replaced the M6 was something of a disappointment, not least because the shutter failed after a mere 15000 actuations and the colours were always poor to my eyes (lime green grass!)


I still have the M8 now purely for mono and IR use and just two lenses. All else has been sold except for my original purchase, a Leica 111. I could go back to a one for one digital M6 as it is a wonderful tool and just the right size but the overlarge M with bits stripped out and a price increase  - no, sorry.

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If your not shooting the latest (and only the latest!) model of Sony mirrorless, you don't really count for the DPreview crowd. They will trash everyting brands like Canon and Leica have to offer, no matter how good these camera and lenses are and how many people (even professionals) are using them. I recently read a comment on DPR about a Iphone, where someone claimed that that phone not having 4K video was a real dealbreaker to him... 


It took me quite a long time to step into the digital Leica age. Have been using a M6 since the late eighties, and recently bought a M262. I am very happy with it, to me it is a logical step-up from the M6. 

I might have gone for the M-D had i known it was coming though...

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Agree. I also have a Sony A7 -the basic model- and at DPR is considered a piece of junk. (Olympus M43 are also accepted in that club) I read hundreds of negative comments of the M-D because it is way too expensive, and today I read quite a few more trashing the new Canon T6 because the price ($500) is too low go figure. 

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