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Best Memory Card for shooting a series


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What’s the best choice for memory card if the goal to get more images per second while shooting a series? I am not sure if  Monochrom Typ 246 is in compliance with USH-II memory card standard? Looks like it is not. I could not find any explicit info on that. Say, in the latest S model (released after Typ 246) there are two slots for memory cards: one for USH-I, the other for USH-II. Then using USH-II card for Typ 246 may be feasible, but has no real advantage? And may even slow the speed of series down?

So the choices are:

SDXC I USH-I U3 95Mb/s;

SDHC II USH-II U3 280 Mb/s

Which one is better to fit the goal?

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I finally found the answer on my own right here:




Typ 246 is NOT really supposed to use USH-II cards, cannot take the full advantage of its 285MB/s speed.

To my surprise even B&H help desk got this wrong and answered me that using USH-II cards is OK with 246. USH-II card may be used indeed, but is it just waste of $$ since the camera is not able to keep up to the card' speed? Why to pay 200%+ surcharge for something that has no value...???

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I think the most important point is to choose the card that utilizes camera buffer size&speed processing in sync with its own speed. Then the flow of shots in the continuous series is smooth and most efficient. Also why pay twice for a speedy card if your camera cannot keep up to that speed? I personally consider that waste of $$, - I can afford to wait a few seconds longer while reading files on my PC, no big deal ( as opposed to pay $68 vs. $34 for a card )

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