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Firmware-Update Leica M240 / M262 / Monochrom 246

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Many thanks for the "heads up" on that. At last after more than two years and many emails from me to Leica chasing this up, the GPS mistake has been corrected. I have to admit to using the SL so much recently, that I barely noticed the "battery out of date" message.  



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Excellent - for information, as the update wipes your preferences it can be convenient to export these to SD card and keep this card to one side (or copy to a computer).  You can then go ahead and follow the firmware update instructions. Once installed, you can import your settings and get back to where you were before the update. I've just done this myself and it works...

Hope this saves a few people a bit of time and frustration.  

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Thank you crazy uncle Kaufmann!


I'll try it out when on vacation in the Southwest... with my new 28 Summicron II.




...and please report back about corner sharpness and, if any, miscolouring towards the edges/corners. Particularly the latter. Have fun shooting!

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Could be a daft question, but I've never updated my M240 since I got it in early '14.


If I update it with today's new firmware, does it add in the other firmware update(s) I've skipped?


The update where LV has the inbuilt horizon level could be very useful indeed (and my horizon level is still on a black screen!)!

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