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D-3 or L-1 AF+MF


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Hi James, yes I have used MF on my L1 particularly in a low light settings , so as to avoid Autofocus hunt particularly when I want to capture an image at a particular focal length before a particular aniticipated action has occurred.


The green led lights up over a very narrow range, so you have to be patient as you focus through the actual focal point.


I have also use the IR focus assist, which needs to be switched on through the menus.


All three options seems suitable and work fine once you know their capabilities.


Why do you ask ?

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Thank you dugby......


I was referring to the Auto Focus PLUS Manual Focus where you use the Auto Focus with AF+MF turned ON in the Menu and use the MF part to fine tune what AF finds.


The only problem I have with it and using the viewfinder is the viewfinder ain't the best on all 4:3 cameras with the exception of the E1.


I wanted to see if anyone else had any luck with it.


I tried it with Live View and it is good with that.........pretty quick as a matter of fact.

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