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Hello from Ukraine


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Hello everyone,


My name is Alexey Kashpersky, I am an artist from Ukraine, now live and work in New York.

Mainly I create artworks in medical field and fantasy style. 


Became interested in photography 3 years ago, as far as find it pretty close to art that I'm doing and just yesterday got my first Leica M camera and already started enjoying this piece of pure awesomeness...


Here is my website with artworks http://kashpersky.com/

Photos can be founded here https://www.behance.net/collection/32163931/Photo-Art 


Any suggestions about the forum? What's the rules? What to read first? How to post photos here?


Nice to meet y'all! Happy to be in this Leica club


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Welcome, your in the right place for Art""   If your using a Mac:- Open the image in Preview:- You can tweak & resize (Tools):- Title & Save to Desktop:- Open the section of the Forum you wish to Post in:- Use the Reply to this Topic:- easy peezy thereafter.........  If your using a PC - sell it! buy a Mac 

...  and your favorite lenses are?   ----- L

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Thanks guys! Here we go






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